Just what is an IPA? 
IP Whaaat? 

Just what does IPA stand for? It's short for India Pale Ale. And no, they're not from India. IPAs are known as the most bitter style of beer. Typically pale in color, they show moderate malt to back up the hoppy bitters. IPAs have their own range of styles, from Whites, Reds, Imperials, and Black IPAs. The constant variable in all of these is the high bitterness content. 

Why are they called India Pale Ales if they're not from India? 
Let's try to make a long story short. When the British had colonized India, the soldiers were used to drinking their smooth Pale ales. However, the long voyage on the ships would spoil the beer before they made it to shore. After plenty of experiments, brewers determined that the addition of hops would not only preserve the beer, but it balanced and developed the brew as well. 

Who likes IPAs? 
If you're cool, you drink IPAs. 
Just kidding! While IPAs have been the most popular style of beer for the last few years, many other styles are quickly gaining their deserved spotlight. IPAs have an extreme bitter quality that sets them apart from dry, crisp lagers and appeal to those who want to drink something...different. Five years later, IPAs are certainly not the only craft brew, but we cannot ignore their influence in making the craft beer market what it is today. 

When is the perfect time to drink them? 
While IPAs were designed to last the long voyage around the world, today the constant theme is 'Drink this Fresh'! Hops help preserve other flavors, but not the bitterness itself. Thanks to the importance of hop  oils and aromas in the competitive IPA scene, the fresher the beer the better.

What are some amazing IPAs I should try? 
Keep an eye out for these classic IPAs: 
New England Sea Hag 
Ballast Point Sculpin 
Stony Creek Cranky Series 
Ithaca Flower Power 

Love those IPAs? Keep an eye out for these 'Unicorn' brews! Available only at limited times and gone in a blink of an eye, Unicorns must be kept in the back room for fear of poachers. If you have an IPA lover in your family, chances are they'll be jumping for joy when they find one of these as a holiday gift:

Lawson's Sip of Sunshine
New England G-Bot
Grey Sail Captain's Daughter
Singlecut Beersmiths


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New England Sea Hag Ipa Cans (62)
New England Sea Hag Ipa Cans (6 pack 12oz cans)

This one's a beauty; a rich and full bodied India Pale Ale with complex malt character blended with cascade and noble hops. The end result is a beer that satisfies the hop head out there and won't chase away the newcomer. Drink... Read More

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