What is the Ancona's Annex?

What Is The Ancona's Annex?

The former home of Mitch's grandparents, the Annex is the space in which we host
small tasting gatherings. These events offer the opportunity to rub elbows with
winemakers and other industry professionals; often for a very modest ticket price.

The home has been reconfigured to accomodate two separate spaces;
  An intimate, classroom-style room, in which each guest is seated with a flight ...

... and a cozy reception area, where we welcome our guests and greet them with
an aperetif (typically of the bubbly persuasion).

Here, you'll have a chance to mingle with the guest presenter of the evening,
as well as some of our staff and other attendees.

The guest presenter will then lead the group, glass by glass, through each item, discussing the
specific elements of production, site, or growing conditions that make each one unique.

An educational experience for oenophiles and beginners alike, the Annex is an excellent place to
delve a little bit deeper into the libations that we are so proud to offer our Ancona's customers.

Attendance often comes with the chance to purchase limited quantity or hard-to-find items,
and there are usually some very advantageous discounts offered the night of the event.

I'm sure you're wondering, "Where is this magical place? This Shangri-La of liquid delight?"
It's just across the parking lot from our flagship Branchville location.

For (literal) step-by step directions, check out the video below on our Youtube channel, Life In A Bottle!

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