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Ancona's Wine & Liquors History

My grandfather left Italy in the late 1800's destined for America and in search of a better life. After passing through Ellis Island, he headed north and settled in the Branchville section of Ridgefield, Connecticut. With money earned from working in a local wire mill, he purchased property and opened a general store.

Ancona's Wine & Liquors HistoryMy Grandmother joined him from Italy and they soon started a family. My father, Nazzareno, was the first born followed by my Uncle Joe, Aunt Phylis, and Uncle John. As their family grew, so did their business. When prohibition ended the wine and liquor section of the general store had to become a business of its own and Ancona’s Wines & Liquors opened its doors. After my Grandfather's passing, my father took charge of the wine shop and my uncles and aunt watched over the food store.

Ancona's Wine & Liquors HistoryIn 1980, my father, with help from my mother, Carol, moved the store from its original 500 square foot location to its current 4,000 square foot building. Moving to the larger location enabled us to increase our selections.

In 2009, we opened our second location and the first package store in Wilton, CT and in 2018, Ancona's Wines & Liquors celebrated its 85th anniversary and opened our third location in the heart of Ridgefield. Today, my team and I continue to carry on the "family" tradition by delivering a unique, enjoyable experience with every bottle.


Mitch Ancona

Ancona's Wine & Liquors History

Mitch Ancona - Owner

Now third generation owner, Mitch got his start in the the family business in 1980 at the ripe old age of 13. Back then his duties included the ultra exciting sorting of beer empties, dusting the wine bottles and of course, taking out the garbage. "My father stressed the importance of  learning every aspect of  the business, including the less glamorous ones.", says Mitch. In the late 1980's Mitch was given the chance to test his marketing/merchandising skills when he helped expand the stores beer selection. "It was the beginning of the (first) micro beer boom.", reminisces Mitch. "Brands like Pete's Wicked and Sam Adams were just starting to appear." It wasn't long before the beer selections grew from 100 offerings to over 500. "This is when I really started to become fascinated in the flavor profiles and back stories of the products we were selling." "I started traveling to visit breweries, and wineries to learn as much as I possibly could about the products we were selling."

When not walking his dogs,  Mitch splits his time between the three locations and still takes part in all aspects of the business, even the less glamorous ones.

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