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2017 Baptiste Nayrand “Vesanie” Rosé (Diverse Heirloom Field Blend)

What is there to say about Baptiste Nayrand Rosé? 

The unicorn of unicorns. 

Baptiste Nayrand is the blooming young gun rock star of the Coteaux du Lyonnais. 

The Lyonnais is an up and coming wine region of rolling hills that basically connects the South of Beaujolais to the Northern Rhone. 

Mitch and visited this guy in January. 

A la Alexadre Filaine, Baptist literally makes wine in a small handful of barrels in his garage. 

This might actually be the single smallest winery I’ve visited: 

As far as farming—Baptiste is cutting edge conscientious—certified organic, and incorporating Biodynamics. Generally, his parcels sit at altitude along the top of the hill. 

This particular wine, the lone pink wine of the domaine comes from a tiny 1/2 hectare parcel vineyard conservatory planted to combination of 30 or so grape varieties—mostly ancient grapes. 

For many years, the vineyard acted to preserve the genetic vine material of heirloom varieties. After many years of tending the vineyard, an old woman in the village reached out to Baptiste to entrust him to make the wine. 

Unfortunately, after just a year, the ancient vines succumbed to old age, and stopped producing fruit. 

This legendary vine conservatory has now been replanted with Gamay and Chardonnay.  

In other words--this is a wine that has only been made once, and will never be made again. 

Strictly a one shot deal. 

We suspect Baptiste only produced 40-50 cases, and we're honored to have a piece of the history.

And while this might be the final pink wine offer of the season—rest assured, it’s always rosé season at Ancona’s. 

These are some of the best wines to marry with food, wash down the Thanksgiving meal, or to share some sunshine in the dead of winter. 

And for the record—most pink wines actually taste best the following year--two years from harvest. And although there is no track record here, as this is the only vintage ever made—I suspect Vesanie will age with grace for 4-5 years to come. And maybe more. 



Codey Foster, Wine Director

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