Reyka Icelandic Vodka (750ml)

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Style Vodka-imported
Sku 13834
Size 750ml
ABV 6.00%

"All we need to make Reyka Vodka is a rare Carter Head still, pure Icelandic water and ancient lava rocks. Then, with our team of five men and women, in a small building in Borgarnes, Iceland, we distill Reyka one small batch of 250 cases at a time, and always by hand. There are only six Carter Head stills in the world and ours is the only one used to make vodka. Through its labyrinth of copper pipes, we distill a grain spirit made from the finest wheat, then filter it through lava rocks to imbue a distinctive flavor. As the distillate starts to flow from the still, it's our skill to know when to capture its heart -- the purest part of the vodka -- and ensure the heads and tails, which are just not good enough, never make it into the bottle. The final stage is adding Icelandic water to bring our vodka down to 80 proof. Our water comes from the Grabrok Spring, which runs through a 4,000 year old lava field. It's purer than bottled water and you can drink it directly from the source."
-- Distillery notes

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