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2020 Tronconi “Arra-iete” Rosso 1L Bottle (our quintessential Italian House Red)

If you’ve ever had a chance to travel to Italy and quaff the local rosso at the neighborhood wine bar or enoteca—I’ll bet you’ve tasted a wine that was:

  • fresh & soulful, 
  • paired seamlessly with whatever was put on the table in front of it
  • wasn’t particularly expensive 
  • was kind to your head in the morning. 

This common theme isn’t just coincidental. 

Many of the national brands that you find in any old wine store are built for export, bolstered to travel and often equipped with a little extra something--whether that’s sulfur, sugar, alcohol, sulfur/sulfites, if not all of the above. 

The notion that the Italians keep 'the good stuff' for themselves is largely a conspiracy theory. 

The wine on offer today—Tronconi Arra-ieta Rosso by the liter and finished under crown cap, very much is the quintessential house red you'd find poured at a local wine bar in Rome. 

Marco Marocco studied as an engineer before he decided to pursue his passion for farming. 10 years ago Marco returned to Arce in the Lazio and planted vineyards. 

His intention was to focus on forgotten local varieties: Capolongo, Pampanaro, Malvasia Puntinata, and Lecinaro.

I'd like to point out--this is a risky business model and but a spectacular act of service.  

Lecinaro is his largest holding, although still just 5 hectares of vines—it is this grape variety that is used to make the wine on offer today: the “Arra-iete” Rosso. 

Not long ago, this ancient grape variety was rescued from near extinction, and to this day, Marco is one of just a few growers championing Lecinaro.

Having tasted only this one example--it's pretty obvious that in the right hands, the variety has a high aptitude to transmit terroir (not to mention deliciousness). 

Marco prefers to make the wine in cement tanks rather than barrels although he does own a few amphorae. 

This produces a wine that is uncomplicated, unadulterated, authentic, and a delight to drink. 

The end product is clean, elegant and pure—and just as well  equipped to please the Chianti Classico and Montepulciano drinker alike. 

Please note: the wine is finished bottled under crown cap in a 1 Liter bottle--which at home, we find to be an incredibly useful format.




Likely the sharpest pricing in the country.

Happy summer. 


Codey Foster, Wine Director 



My Notes Read: Pretty much my ideal Italian house red—a firm core of black cherry, wild raspberries, dry dusty earth, and freshly cracked pepper are accompanied by wispy nuances of the forest: mushrooms, black truffles, and tree bark. Fresh and crunchy on the pallet: medium+ body paired with medium+ tannin makes for a happy combination that’s full but still well adapted to 40-50 minutes in the fridge prior to serving grill-side in warm weather. This wine is ready to drink and vinified to drink fresh—and bottled under crown cap. Pop and go. No further cellaring required. 13.5%

Kyle suggests pairing it with “Bolognese, cheesy pastas, and all things grill.”




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