Thanksgiving is upon us. 

Here around the shop, we have plenty to be thankful for.

So many things come to mind--but overall we wanted to take a moment to thank you. We have so many great customers. We appreciate you!

We've pulled together a list of all the delectable "Wholesome" beverages that we really love. 

The approach here is the same as it has always been: to share the wines, beers, and spirits that will have a place own Thanksgiving tables. 

Here's how it works:

Normally we we set up a tiered SALE. "Buy 3 bottles save X, Buy 6 bottles save Y".

This year we're offering every wine on this list at our normal case discount (12%) regardless of how many bottles you buy.

Even if you just need a single bottle--all wines and spirits are discounted to a sale price that saves you 12%.  

You will notice a distinct focus on"Wholesome Wines" 

This simply means that the wines are either organic, biodynamic or natural.


Read more about the differences HERE

If you care about what you eat, you should care about what you drink.

"Eat Well... Drink Well... Be Well!"

That said, some of these wines are limited, the early bird gets the wholesome, organically grown, worm.

We're offering this deal effective IMMEDIATELY, so don't sleep on a sure thing!

(SALE is online AND in all 3 stores)

Additionally we're offering a totally unprecedented 10% off All CT Breweries. 

Thank you, and Happy Thanksgiving!



Here are some highlights from our current selection of "wholesome" sparklers.

Since the whole point of bubbles is celebration, we've included everything from fun, fruity prosecco,
to delicious sparkling rose, to top-shelf, super-limited availability grower Champagne.

Whatever cork you pop this Thanksgiving, these picks are sure to please.

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Regardless of the menu, we think the following white wines will cover your bases.

Something light and fresh? Check
Rich and full-bodied? Check
Pairing with veggies? Check
A flawless accompaniment for the bird? You better believe it!

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At Ancona's, it's ALWAYS rosé season

As such, we've picked a handful of versatile, quaffable roses that will pair
with the cheese board, a drumstick, sweet potatoes, and beyond.

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Vin Rouge:

Last, though not least, 

Pinot Noir, Gamay, and Zinfandel are all very natural choices for the Thanksgiving meal. We've selected the cream of the crop to highlight here. We've curated a spread of
killer rouge here to appeal to any and every palate.

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Everybody has that perfect sip they look for to end a meal.

It might be the rich, layered complexity of a well aged port.
Or maybe a sweeter red with a little meat on its bones.
Could be a bitter digestivo, or even something a little stronger.

Here are some of our favorite post-feast sips.

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When we buy beer we believe in supporting local. 

Save an unprecedented 10% OFF All CT Beers!

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Alcohol Alternative:

Delicous refreshments for the non-drinkers in the family or a great option to mix in with your regular consumption to keep it balanced. 

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As you celebrate this holiday season, we at Ancona's wish you happiness and
good health, and we hope we get the chance to add a little joy to your table.

We're thrilled to be able to serve you.

From our family to yours, Cheers!






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Thank you for your support!


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SAVE 12%* when you buy 12 or more bottles of wine.

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