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2017 Patton Valley Riesling Pét-Nat, Willamette Valley, Oregon

Mitch found this wine at Pinot Camp in June of 2017: 

Hi... Mitch here.... hijacking Carey's email... before you continue, I wanted to interject the backstory on this AWESOME wine. Yes, I was in Oregon at Pinot Camp. It was a super sunny, hot afternoon. We were outside and the "theme" of the that particular gathering was Riesling. I tasted through a bunch of wines, most very good, some outstanding. Out of the corner of my eye I spotted the bottle you see in the image above. Poured a bit in my glass. Tasted it. Poured a little more in my glass and drank it. I never put the bottle back (not really what you're supposed to do at a group tasting). I walked over to Mike Willison from Patton Valley still with the bottle in my hand a basically said "what is this?" (I think I added a word but I'll keep it clean here) After a bit of banter about wine specifics I asked "How much can we get?" Mike shrugged and said "20 cases?" I replied "SOLD" shook his hand and walked away bottle in hand. That bottle never made it back into the ice bucket. (I did share it with a select few). So that's it. this wine is near and dear to me. I adore it... but it is a little different. I think it's a wine that everyone should experience...hence the different pricing this week. OK I've written enough... (Sorry Carey)

While Petillant Natural wines are all the rage in Sommelier tasting groups and in small wine bars in Brooklyn and New York City, organic wine producers all around the world are experimenting with this new trend in sparkling winemaking, the results of which are causing quite the stir. 

So, what is Pét-Nat?

Pét-Nat (short for Petillant Natural) is sparkling wine produced in the Méthod Ancestral, as referred to in Champagne. Also known as the Méthod Rurale, this is the oldest and most rudimentary of sparkling winemaking procedures. A single fermentation begins in tank, but the wine is transferred to bottles before the process is complete. Yeasts continue to ferment the remaining sugars in the bottle, giving the wine its sparkle.

Patton Valley Vineyards in Willamette Valley, Oregon, whose winery is Certified Sustainable, has incorporated Pét-Nat into their repertoire and is making serious waves with the quality of the juice. 

Since they don’t grow any Riesling themselves, PV sourced the fruit from up the road at Montinore Estate, whose vineyard is Certified Organic and Demeter Certified Biodynamic.

After harvest in October 2017, the juice was fermented and left to rest and settle before racking off its primary lees. 

A 14 g/l dosage of sugar was introduced at bottling to help the few remaining yeast cells provide the sparkle and lees-y-feel as it gets turned into alcohol and CO2. 

The wine is left un-disgorged, which will explain the haziness as well as the creamy texture on the palate.

I honestly love this wine as well as the people who make it. 

Mike from Patton Valley was at the Annex last night and tasted us on the Riesling, among other wines, and it was showing incredibly well. 

76 cases made. (basically bottled to order)

This email is pretty much only possible because of Mitch's handshake agreement last year!

At that time, the grapes were still out on the vine. 

To celebrate its arrival, we've done something a little extra special with the pricing. 

As always, please let me know if you have any questions regarding the wine. 



-Carey Vanderborg, Wine Specialist


(We usually do a super sharp 6 bottle price. Well I want you to know that this is basically the 6 bottle price--only it doesn't matter how many you buy. Mitch is so eager for you to try it, we're hooking you up here! 

Patton Valley Notes: "This wine has all of the hallmark freshness, fizz, and fun of this style, the aromatic snap and bloom of bright apples, and a whole lot of citrus, white peach, and quince. The nose is racy, but the wine is abundant. 76 Cases Produced." 12.2%

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