The state of CT wants to ban the sale of hemp based products in all retail locations other than "dispensaries". Long story short, the state wants to redefine "hemp" and the THC derived from hemp, to make it illegal to sell anywhere other than in dispensaries. The problem with that plan (other than I want to still be able to sell them), is the fact that the *dispensaries don't want these products AND there is no mechanism for distribution to get these products to the dispensaries. So, bottom line, these products would just cease to exist for sale in CT. 

So, if you would like to continue to shop for these products in our store(s) (or anyone else's store), or you just feel that we, as adults, have the right to that "choice", then I STRONGLY URGE you to reach out to your local CT Rep (see list below)

I went to a hearing in Hartford last month to testify. I'd like to say that I walked away "optimistic" that we'd be able to continue to sell these items... but I'm not.

To read my whole testimony click HERE

If you don't want to read all those words...Here are my thoughts as far as a solution:

Treat hemp-based THC beverages similar to the way we treat a “spirit-based" alcohol product. 

  • 21+ to purchase (believe it or not, the state didn't age gate these items)
  • only available in dispensaries* and liquor stores (for now, can be expanded in the future)
  • flows through the traditional “three tier” distribution system
  • product labels registered with the state
  • impose similar fair taxation 
  • keep the 5mg THC per container (1mg THC per serving) regulation in place, but keep an open mind as to where this new segment might go in the future. 
  • Same penalties for selling to a minor that are currently in place for alcohol.​

So PLEASE reach out to your CT Rep... Thanks!


Rep Keith Denning

Rep Aimee Berger-Girvalo


Rep Keith Denning


Rep Anne Hughes

Click HERE to find your rep for towns not listed

PS- if you have any questions or concerns or want clarification on my thoughts, please don't hesitate to reach out to me.

PPS- Scan this code to sign a petition to support the cause even further (I'd still suggest reaching out to your rep as well).







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