You have never tasted anything like this.... I GUARANTEE!

The Facts:

Who: Cappellano Estate

Where: Italy, Serralunga d'Alba in the Langhe

What: Cappellano Barolo Chinato

When: Since 1890 (the original Chinato)

How: Start with a DOCG Barolo (100% Nebbiolo organically grown) then blend in a "medicinal herb infused spirit" (I'm thinking the "spirit" is in fact their own grappa. The Chinato recipe and procedures are a closely kept family secret).

Why: The original recipe was created by Giuseppe Cappelano. Guiseppe was a pharmacist at the time and took over the estate after his brother, Giovanni, passed away.

Although delicious now, this is a beverage that will continue to improve both in bottle and even long after you've pulled the cork. Even years after you've pulled the cork!. Therefore you need not finish the bottle in a single sitting.

Further discussion: I've always loved turning people on to new experiences, whether they are beverages, food*(SEE BELOW), music, art, etc. This Chinato is truly a unique beverage.
Is it like vermouth? Sort of. Is it like Amaro? Yes and no. Is it thought provoking? ABSOLUTELY!

My tasting notes: "Pours to a dirty red fading to an orange rim... at first site you might see it as a slightly aged full-bodied "normal" red. The nose will let you know that it is definitely not a traditional red. HUGE complex nose showing hints of vanilla, cinnamon, clove, citrus, allspice, mint, lavender. In the mouth it has a distinct "weight" and "viscosity". The flavors are as intense and complex as the nose BUT you will never lose sight of the finely made red wine that creates the foundation. Each sip reveals new flavors, like my last, which is reminding me of fine dark chocolate."


On another note:

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Check out this CTBites article for more info.
Go get a "Crack is Wack", you'll thank me later!


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