Ancona's Private Barrel #7



’Tis the season for back to back offerings from Ancona’s Private Barrel program.

Earlier this month we offered APB#6, an Old Weller barrel that we shared with our friends at Harry’s.

Today we are offering another spectacular value.

And the barrel is all ours.

This barrel comes to us from Elijah Craig, home to Whiskey Advocate's #1 whiskey of 2017.


Ancona’s Private Barrel # 7 
Elijah Craig 10 Year Old Small Batch Bourbon

Rev. Elijah Craig ("The Father of Bourbon") was a whiskey pioneer.

He is credited as being the first distiller to age whiskey in charred oak barrels. 

A few versions of the story are floating around, but no one really knows how he began charring his barrels.

Some say the mill caught fire. 

Others say he experimented aging whiskey in sugar barrels.

How ever it happened, his discovery changed the course of making bourbon forever.

APB#7 is a classic.

An incredibly rich, full body sets the stage for warm spice and smokey flavors.


Here's what Steve Wolfe, Ancona's Whiskey Expert, has to say about APB#7:

“This is a rye drinker’s bourbon, or a bourbon for those who enjoy a bit of spice.

While some of our earlier offerings were ‘wheated’ bourbons that were mild, silky and smooth on the palate, this exclusive Elijah Craig offering is full of the spice and pepper that comes from a bourbon with more rye in the mash bill.

Aged for 10 years with a proof of 94, the whiskey is beautifully smooth with a wonderful caramel nose and an easy finish.

Nose: very fragrant with a strong scent of caramel 
Palate: starts with caramel with a hint of lemon rind, builds a spicy and peppery approach to a soft and sweet finish.”

Ancona's Spirit Consultant, Luke Myers, had this to say:

"Vanilla and spice on the nose. Spicy, sweet and easy to sip. Pairs with a cold winter evening by the fire."

I could not agree more with Steve and Luke.

Here are my notes on Ancona's Elijah Craig barrel:

Thanks to it’s high rye content this bourbon has an unabashed edge to it.

Powerful but pleasant aromas on the nose- candied dried fruit, baking spices. 

On the palate is where this bourbon shows it’s strength. Complex candied sweetness is counter balanced by rich, warming spicy/pepper notes. The finish is long with echoing spice softened by subtle sweetness.


So there you have it, folks.

APB#7 is a delicious 10 year old bourbon that balances the sweetness of corn and the spice of rye.


One barrel, one bottling, one exceptional value.

Ancona’s Private Barrel # 7 
Elijah Craig 10 Year Old Small Batch Bourbon

As with all APB offerings, quantities are limited.


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