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Hi All,

Long story sort of short. Our latest single barrel bourbon just arrived. We purchased it through Barrell Craft Spirits. The company is owned by Joe Beatrice, a long time player in the bourbon biz (and ex Ct resident). After crawling around rickhouses and selecting barrels for other people, Joe decided to go out on his own and start his own company. He makes stellar blends but also sells "special" barrels as part of his single barrel program. This is how he explained his single barrel program to me in an email:

"When I select single barrels, I select and taste many barrels.  The ones that become single barrels are selected for something unique.  It could be finish, nose, balance or some other attribute.  The net is that there is something that is different and has a defining characteristic."

The Facts:

What- 14 year old cask strength (109.24 proof)

single barrel B#K786

What pt2- mash bill (70% corn, 20% Rye, 10% Barley)

Who- Barrell Bourbon

Who pt2- Can't say the producer, only Joe knows.

from Where- Tennessee

How- Joe sent multiple samples to my buddy Patrick @Harry's. We tasted through all of them and each picked our favorite. (luckily we had different favorites)

Why- It fun tasting through barrel samples and picking the perfect barrel that reflects what you're personally looking for. Then it's really fun getting clients reactions to your selection.

Why pt2- To help with a secondary project:

Bourbon Aged Maple Brown Ale

(a collaboration between Half Full Brewing, Ancona's, Harry's and Barrell Craft Spirits)

More on that at another time...

The Sample

Our Bottle:

My Notes:

Appearance: Tawny

Aroma: sweet toffee, vanilla, oak, nutmeg, leather

Taste: weighty/viscous mouth feel... complex flavor profile- tobacco, cedar, orange peel, vanilla. This bourbon is powerful but friendly... demands your attention from the first sip but tells a fascinating story that you'll want to listen to. Long lingering finish that will have you pondering it's complexity for a while. I tasted it neat, with a few drops of water and with one rock. My preference was with a few drops of water. The water helped to open up it's complex aromas and flavors a little more. Of course around a fire pit outside on a chilly night, I might go with it neat.

One Single Barrel 

Once it's gone... it's gone!

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