2019 Pour L'amour De Rose By Chateau Laulerie

An Ancona's Custom Bottling

So.... This wine represents a long journey and a complex "story". As usual, you can skip the heavy reading and watch this thrilling video. Ok, perhaps thrilling is a bit of an overstatement BUT if you could see it in your heart to watch the 18 minute video, that would be amazing. ( I know 18 minutes is a long time, I said it was a complicated story.... at the very least you'll be amused by my inability to pronounce anything slightly French-esque... Sorry Marine and Gregory and Ludo)

(editor's note- Codey and I tag-teamed on this email he took care of the wine's story... I stumbled through the rest)

The Wine

This rendition of the Dubard family rosé was bottled and labeled just for Ancona’s. 

This wine comes from Bergerac—a bucolic farmer’s paradise on the Dordogne River that lies due East of Bordeaux and represents one of France’s few remaining sleeper regions. 

When we first met Marine in NYC earlier this year, this collaboration was born quickly and effortlessly. Marine is a kind spirit. And besides the fact that she makes mouth-wateringly delicious rosé—her, and her husband Gregory believe in a lot of the same things we do—particularly in regard to their conscientious way of farming and making wine. 

Marine and Gregory would tell you that they approach wine production by “walking gently upon the earth, living in balance and harmony” with their “feet in the vineyards and heads in the stars.”—a spirit manifested every bottle of rosé they make. 

This bottling is produced from 70% Cabernet Sauvignon, 30% Merlot raised on clay-limestone soil. 

It was made using 100% direct press—meaning that, unlike may pink wines, it didn’t see any maceration on the skins but instead when straight to pressing. 

The wine was fermented and aged in stainless steel and the end result manifests extraordinary elegance, delicacy, and impeccable balance. 

And they really hit one out of the park. This is pretty much a quintessential summer sipper. 

HEV Certified sustainable (High Environmental Value)

The label was designed by our very own Alexandra Ancona. 

112 cases made. 



Tasted (again)Yesterday (Thursday 6/25/2020): Just delicious. The 2019 Pour L’Amour is already firing on all cylinders. On the nose: wild strawberry, Macoun apple, peach skin, fresh herbs, alpine wildflowers, stony mineral, and fresh cream effortlessly rise from the glass. On the palate the wine is bone dry and remarkably not all that dissimilar from its Provençal counterparts—if carrying just a hair more volume, which in this case only makes it even more thirst-quenching. This little-extra-richness is laced with a little extra complexity and texture. Bravo Marine and Gregory—Merci Beaucoup! -Codey Foster

The Rest Of The Story

(and yes, it involves bikes)

Long story short-ish (this is Mitch now).... I love to ride bikes, I love "giving back" to worthy causes and I love wine. So I'm always looking for the opportunity to smoosh those things together. Hence this story..

The bike ride-

My friends Tizzie and Tom introduced me to the idea of riding the 2020 edition of the Pan Mass Challenge, a two day ride across Massachusetts (187 miles) to raise money for the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute for research and treatment. (100 percent of rider-raised dollars are donated). The event has been going on for 40 years and has raised over 700 million dollars.... (Shout out to Tiz who has taken part for the past 25 years!)

To learn more about the PMC click HERE

So the bike ride, worthy cause and wine are all dialed in.... and then the whole world gets thrown into chaos. I had a slight hope that the PMC would come out unscathed... but not so. The event has been canceled... actually re-imagined. So tons of options to do regional versions but my schedule, unfortunately, doesn't line up with any of them. So Tiz and I (Tom has to cover the family responsibilities) are going to do back to back 100 mile rides this month to create our own DIY PMC 2020.

The "Ask"

We worked with Marine and our friends at Micheal Skurnik Wines to come up with a plan to create this wine so that it would hit our shelves at the price is should be at BUT also generate a good chunk of $ for the cause.


Buy this wine!....

Pretty please?

If you love it, perhaps think about making it your go-to Rosé for part of the Summer.

If you're not into Rose wine, then perhaps consider donating to me personally? Or be a stellar individual and do both... or not, we'll still be friends. 

You can donate HERE

Cheers! -Mitch

PS- To see what I personally thought about the wine and to learn about Team Velominati (huh?) watch the video.....




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