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2022 l'Armangia Barbera d’Asti

“Victrola Rosso”

 An Ancona's Project Wine For Charity 


This year we've created an absolutely stunning Italian red to help generate funds for the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute via the Pan Mass Challenge.

This wine was made in loving memory of our dear friend Alan who passed away late last year from cancer. Alan loved Italian wine--especially the red wines of Piedmont. He and his partner Scott, were clients that quickly grew to be friends. They were a cornerstone to our store tasting events over the past decade.

Alan (striped shirt) and Scott at an Annex Champagne tasting is 2014. 

So yes, this is my yearly "ask" email. I'm asking you to help raise funds for an awesome organization by buying this wine HERE or donating directly to my fundraising efforts HERE, or perhaps both?

The Wine:​

This year we teamed up with Ignazio Giovine, a winemaker from Piedmont who we've been fans of for some time. When we decided we wanted to create a wine for Alan, Ignazio quickly came to mind. We reached out to him through our dear friend Mark Ancona from Golden Vines Importing. Without the help and support from Mark and Golden Vines, this wine would not have been possible. A grateful "Thank You" to both.

Outside of the town of Canelli in Asti, Piemonte, lies the estate of Ignazio and Giuliana Giovine known as l’Armangia. This area has become famous for the quality of their Barbera d’ Asti and Moscato d’ Asti.

A non interventionalist by nature Ignazio  believes that it is always best to let nature takes its course and not overly manipulate his wines.

Natural fertilizers with grass grown between the vineyard rows keeps things as natural as possible and though organic practicing they are not certified. All the fruit that goes into Ignazio's wines is estate grown and hand harvested. 

Alan’s wine is made from 100% Barbera. 

"We knew the wine would come out nicely—but we didn’t know it would be firing on all cylinders right out the gate. This Barbera registers on the more structured side but is seriously satisfying even in this early stage of life. The wine  is as authentic and energetic as Alan. Wild raspberry, strawberry, fresh herbs, tomato leaf, and whispers of dry dusty earth, white mushrooms, truffles, and black tea harmonize. The tannin here is mild and smooth though the finish is lengthy, clingy, and pure. Alan would have loved this wine. 
To Alan. Miss you buddy." 
--Codey Foster, Wine Director

A personal note from Mitch: 

"As many of you probably know by now, I love to ride bikes, I love "giving back" to worthy causes and I love wine. 

The bike ride-

My friends Tizzie and Tom introduced me to the idea of riding the 2020 edition of the Pan Mass Challenge, a two day ride across Massachusetts (187 miles) to raise money for the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute for research and treatment. (100 percent of rider-raised dollars are donated). The event has been going on for 40 years and has raised well over 700 million dollars.... (Shout out to Tiz who has taken part for the past 28 years!)

For the past three years I’ve rode the Pan Mass and I really can't put into words how moving the whole experience is. It’s hard to imagine a future where I don't participate. 

This year, I’m riding for Alan."


And even if you’re not a fan of Barbera, perhaps consider donating? Please CLICK HERE.

Thank you.



My Notes Read: This capture of Barbera d'Asti is as authentic and energetic as Alan. Wild raspberry, strawberry, fresh herbs, tomato leaf, and whispers of dry dusty earth, white mushrooms, truffles, and black tea harmonize. The tannin here is mild and smooth though the finish is lengthy, clingy, and pure. The proceeds from every bottle Victrola Rosso will support the Dana Farber Cancer Institute. To Alan. Miss you buddy.

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Corazon Reposado Blanton's Barrel Edition

Ancona's Private Barrel (750ml)

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Special Introductory Sale Price: $39.99

"Exquisitely approachable and delicate, displaying subtle but splendid barrel character. An underlying creamy vanilla sets the tone, with just a hint of peppery spice on the back end...Truly a masterful Tequila and one we're proud to call our very own."~BMarino


Skygazer Watercolors Fruit Punch! Sour Ale

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Delta Light 5mg THC Lime Seltzer

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"5mg THC and 1mg CBD - Offers a lighter alternative that's perfect for social gatherings or when you simply want a more relaxed experience. Sensational flavor burst, refreshing chill without the hangover."


Woody's Non-Alcoholic Sparkling Blanc de Blanc


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" A non-alcoholic sparkling wine made from premium California grapes...Woody's carefully dealcoholizes premium wine from California, then dials up the delight with natural flavors and a dash of sweetness, all topped off with vibrant carbonation."




L'armangia Victrola Rosso Barbera D'asti (750)
L'armangia Victrola Rosso Barbera D'asti (750ml)
Red Wine Grown Organically 


Victrola Rosso was custom made by Agricole l'Armangia in loving memory of our good friend Alan who loved his cats, his white Audi, cooking, and Italian wine--and especially the red wines of Tuscany and Piedmont. He also... Read More

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