What is there to say about Filaine?


What up Bubbly Lovers?

NV Alexandre Filaine Champange Cuvee Sepeciale 750ml   


What is there to say about Filaine?

Well first there’s Fabrice.  

Owner. Operator. Vigneron. Marketing. Sales. Quality control.

Fabrice used to work at Bollinger.

He has since transitioned his efforts to focus on the miniscule winemaking project that he runs out of his own home.

This is where unicorns are born.

Production has increased in recent years, and is now in the neighborhood of 400 cases a year.

Even still: this is perhaps the smallest production of any Champagne producer that we have the opportunity to work with.

Maybe even the smallest production of any producer in the store. (I can’t think of a smaller estate at the moment...although the Merkelbach brothers might come close)

This is essentially a one man operation. 

Fabrice farms a little more than a single hectare in the heart of Damery.

As far as quality is concerned: my praise couldn't be any more generous.

Fabrice is a winemaking genius and impeccable farmer. This guy grows all his own grapes, the way it should be done.

He is also a fanatical, chain-smoking eccentric who enjoys sipping a magnum (or two or three) on a sunny day in the courtyard behind his home.

Fabrice actually bottles a modest portion of his wine in magnums. Mostly just for personal imbibition. According to Fabrice, "a magnum is the perfect amount of Champagne for two people: so long as one isn't drinking!" 

Mitch and I visited the estate in April of 2014…

Since then, Ancona’s has only seen a few magnums in the history of purchasing Filaine Champagne. (and true to the model here: we’ve drank more than we’ve sold)

And quite frankly: this wine is worth a lot more money.

The scarcity is real.

Fortunately, we have the Filaine hook up.



Codey Foster CS, Wine Director



My Notes Read: 25% Pinot Meunier, 30% Chardonnay, 45% Pinot Noir.  The Cuvee Speciale is the perfect continuum of decadence, power, minerality, and breathtaking vinosity. This is soulful and seamless juice that is undoubtedly the outcome of nearly perfect and conscientious farming. Flavors of concentrated lime, meyer lemon, mint, and freshly baked French baguette are laced with outspoken earth tones. This is flinty/chalky/smokey juice--but in the most delicate way possible. Bone dry. Pure distilled wine swag. 12% abv.


Photos by Mitch and myself. 



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