Ancona’s Private Barrel #4: Buffalo Trace 8 Year Old Single Barrel Bourbon

Happy Derby Day!

Let’s celebrate with a killer Bourbon pre-offer.

It is my pleasure to introduce you to Ancona’s fourth private barrel bottling, a.k.a. APB#4.

Ancona’s Private Barrel #4: Buffalo Trace 8 Year Old Single Barrel Bourbon

Our latest private barrel bourbon comes to us from our friends at Buffalo Trace Distillery.

The distillery has been producing bourbon whiskey for well over 200 years and proudly holds the title of “The World’s Most Award-Winning Distillery”.

It wasn’t easy for us to land a spot in Buffalo Trace’s barrel program. Given their illustrious reputation, the waitlist for the barrel program is longer than the number of barrels currently available.

It’s almost a miracle how the whole thing came together. I really can’t even tell you how it happened.

But, somehow, Eddie worked his magic and our Buffalo Trace barrel is set to arrive before the end of May.

You won’t be able to enjoy this gem on Derby day, but as the old saying goes, “The best things in life are worth waiting for.”

That certainly rings true for this remarkable, 8-year-old, single barrel slice of heaven.

We tasted through a handful of samples and unanimously chose barrel #08-J-24-L-4-05-001.

Don't hesitate; APB#4 is an incredible value at the single 750mL bottle price and a steal at the 6-bottle price.

The reality of this situation is that we only have 120 bottles to sell... it will sell out before the deadline...

One barrel, one bottling, and one exceptional offer…

Ancona’s Private Barrel #4: Buffalo Trace 8 Year Old Single Barrel Bourbon

Eddie’s tasting notes: “A bright, dense caramel-toffee color. On the nose a mixed bag fruits and spice.  Aromas of honeysuckle, orange peel, and apricot melting into sage, allspice and a hint of caraway. A lively entry on the palate.  Full yet delicate, round, and layered with rich flavors: toasted nuts, fruit, and vanilla with a silky texture. A confident balance of subtle and complex notes; a touch of almond and a whisper of organic honey brought together by a soothing warmth but glanced by an accompanying crispness that rounds everything out.  Very clean, with great length and a smooth sultry finish with a slight hint of dried berries. Perfect for easy sipping.”

But wait, there’s more -- APB#5 will debut this month, too!

We started Ancona’s Private Barrel programs with one goal in mind, to be able to share an incredible collection of hand selected, ultra-small batch spirits.

So far, Ancona’s Wines & Liquors has teamed up with Jefferson’s, Four Roses, Knob Creek, and Buffalo Trace to bring you four unique barrels that exemplify our shared passion and appreciation for small-batch whiskey.

We’re shaking things up with APB#5.

Ancona’s very own barrel of Corazon Reposado Tequila (APB#5) is set to arrive just in time for margarita season.

When Ancona’s staff gets together a bottle of tequila almost always makes its way to the table by the end of the night. It was only natural for us to add Tequila to the APB lineup.

The barrel is currently making its way from Mexico to Connecticut, with a brief layover in Kentucky.

Stay tuned.


Mitch Ancona


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